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Letter from the Director:

  Thank you for visiting our website. As you browse the site we hope you will enjoy the information made available to you. This website describes some of our activities and services, offers links to news and resources relating to homelessness. We would love to hear from you and welcome questions about our program and/or suggestions of new resources and issues that you would like us to highlight.

  PORTSMOUTH VOLUNTEERS FOR THE HOMELESS (PVH) needs you, your hearts, and your wallet as we ramp up for our shelter season. With changes in funding guidelines, PVH has and will always remain faithful to our primary mission “To provide emergency shelter for our homeless brothers and sisters”.

  1: Money…… It takes money to provide security and transportation to the outlying houses of faith that support us. It takes Money to pay for the supplies that are needed year round. And, it takes Money to pay the dedicated staffs who oversee the day to day operations of PVH. To make a charitable contribution you can mail a check to Portsmouth Volunteers for the Homeless, Inc 800 Williamsburg Ave. Suite B, Portsmouth, Va. 23704 or call our office at 757-399-0200, or email me directly at pvh.secretary@gmail.com.

  2: Consider hosting a week or 2 or 3……. Last year PVH sheltered 255 men and women during the 22 weeks that began November 1, 2015 through April 15, 2016….. The generosity of our community partners and volunteers provided 5,804 shelter bed nights, 5,804 meals and over 16,000 Volunteer hours…. We cannot do this alone….. To book a week or 2 or 3…. email pvh.secretary@gmail.com or call us at 757-399-0200 and someone will get back to you within 2 business days.

  3: Please consider volunteering your time…. Volunteers are needed to help support the host congregation when they may not have enough people. Volunteers are needed to assist with moving mats and blankets. Volunteers are needed to stay overnight when the host facility may not be able to provide the necessary service. Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve nightly meals for the facility that may have opened their doors but are unable to provide beyond that.

  4: Partnering, we partner with many different agencies throughout Portsmouth and the region. Your agency may be that vital missing link for that one individual who needs help.

  Portsmouth Volunteers for the Homeless, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit that as our name states started with Portsmouth Volunteers to assist our Homeless during the coldest nights. Anyone wishing to find out more on how they can help can contact me directly and I will be happy to discuss our current and future needs.

  Homelessness is not a lifestyle, it is an emergency!

  May God continue to Guide and Bless us all with his Mercy and Grace so that we may be able to help those in need.

  Ursula Murphy, Interim Director


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